• Child & Adolescent Services

    Strong families are the cornerstone of healthy childhood development. A skilled therapist can help strengthen families by encouraging effective communication between family members as well as help children and adolescents develop healthy problem-solving skills. Counseling can effectively promote improvements in all vital aspects of a child’s life—including academic challenges, behavior modification, and family functioning. Children's social and emotional development is as essential as their physical health in creating a solid platform for healthy functioning in the home, at school, and in the community.

    Counselors trained specifically to work with children and adolescents are experts in providing assessment and consultation in all areas of early life development. Therapy and treatment options are based on an attentive focus to the individual needs of the child or teen.

    Child & Adolescent Behavior


    The development of positive and appropriate coping skills is as important for children and adolescents as it is for adults. Your child's therapist can assist in the assessment of childhood behavior, offer unique insights, and suggest appropriate treatment options. Counseling may help your child in areas including:


    • anger and behavior problems
    • academic or social problems
    • peer relationship difficulties and bullying
    • physical and sexual abuse
    • fears, anxiety, and depression
    • grief and trauma recovery
    • divorce and family adjustment problems
    • LGBTQ+ Support

    Parenting Instruction

    Learning to parent effectively is essential for good communication, positive family interactions, and teaching children through positive discipline. Parenting instruction provides parents, stepparents, and caregivers with simple and effective methods to motivate, encourage, and guide children through the ever-increasing challenges of childhood.